The Biggest Problem You Don't Know You Have

Most people think they have 20-30 online accounts. Most people have 80-120. A poorly managed digital life leads to lost assets, unnecessary expenses and an increased risk of identity theft.
Do it for yourself. Do it for a loved one.
Protect your assets, protect yourself, protect your family.

At Any Stage of Life

At Aspen Digital Life, we’re here to help you with everything you need to find, organize and manage online accounts.


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Putting You in Control Of An Online Life

All of us spend a great deal of time online. We manage finances, store records and photos, and connect with family and friends online. With Aspen Digital Life, you can ensure those accounts work for you and not against you. 

We help you find, organize and manage your online accounts—simply, safer, sooner.

Why It Matters

  • You may lose money

    There is nearly $100B in unclaimed funds sitting in local, county, state and federal treasuries and agencies. The number is growing as more people lose track of online accounts. 

  • You can lose digital assets

    We all have online photos, documents, medical records and other important things. What’s in your Dropbox? Make sure someone else knows!

  • Unnecessary expenses add up over time

    Many of us pay for stuff online weekly, monthly or even annually. Don’t pay for stuff you don’t want or need anymore. Find and close unused accounts.

  • Unused accounts can lead to identity theft

    It’s important to get track and close unwanted accounts to protect your identity. Unused emails, social accounts and others will be hacked in time.

  • You have more online accounts than you think

    Most of us access at least 25 online accounts regularly, but often have more than 100 active accounts with user names and passwords.

Protect a Digital Legacy
Manage Your Digital Life

Find Online Accounts for Someone Else

It is daunting to think of trying to find all of someone else’s online accounts, but that is exactly what you need to do in cases of Azheimer’s, hospice and death. Give us 15 minutes. We will save you days

Let Our Technology Do the Work For You

A daunting task just got a lot easier. See how it works. You’ll be surprised what you find.

Protect Your Online Life

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